Glowing Gem
Inspired by MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 (Retail price: $316)

Eau de Parfum · 50ml / 1.7oz


MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe!

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TOP: Jasmine

HEART: Amber

BASE: Mossy Notes · Cedarwood

Ingredients: Alcohol, Hedione, Dipropylene Glycol, Veramoss, Ambrox, Iso E Super, Ethyl Maltol

No parabens • No phthalates • No colourants • No UV filters • Vegan • Cruelty-free

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a modern icon in the world of perfumery, renowned for its unique blend of opulence and sophistication. This luxurious fragrance was created by the master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian in collaboration with the prestigious crystal manufacturer, Maison Baccarat, to commemorate their 250th anniversary in 2015. The name "540" refers to the temperature in degrees Celsius required to achieve Baccarat’s signature red crystal, symbolizing the transformative process of creating something extraordinary.

From its inception, Baccarat Rouge 540 has captivated the senses with its complex and harmonious composition. The fragrance opens with radiant notes of saffron and jasmine, which give way to a heart of ambergris and woody tones. The base notes of cedar and fir resin provide a long-lasting and memorable dry-down. This meticulous blend results in a scent that is both ethereal and intense, embodying a perfect balance of warmth and coolness, sweetness and depth.

Baccarat Rouge 540 quickly became a staple among fragrance enthusiasts and celebrities alike, praised for its unparalleled sillage and longevity. Its rich and layered profile has made it a coveted signature scent, often associated with luxury, exclusivity, and elegance. The fragrance's success can be attributed not only to its exceptional formulation but also to its limited availability and high price point, which have only added to its allure.

While Baccarat Rouge 540 stands as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of fine perfumery, its premium cost can be prohibitive. This is where Glowing Gem comes in. Glowing Gem offers a much more affordable alternative without compromising on quality. It captures the essence of Baccarat Rouge 540, allowing you to indulge in a luxurious fragrance experience without the extravagant price tag. Discover the allure of Glowing Gem and embrace a fragrance that exudes sophistication and charm, just like its illustrious predecessor.

Apply to Pulse Points: Spray perfume on your pulse points where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. Common pulse points include the wrists, behind the ears, the base of the throat, and inside the elbows. These areas radiate heat, helping to diffuse the scent throughout the day.

Layer Your Fragrance: Start with a scented body lotion or oil before applying your perfume. This helps to moisturize your skin, allowing the fragrance to last longer.

Don't Rub Your Wrists: Avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume, as this can break down the fragrance and diminish its scent. Instead, let the perfume dry naturally.

Spray from a Distance: Hold the perfume bottle about 15 centimeters away from your skin. This ensures an even distribution without overwhelming concentration in one spot.

Apply to Hair and Clothes: Lightly spray your perfume on your hair and clothing for a subtle, long-lasting scent. Be cautious with delicate fabrics to avoid staining.

Refresh Yourself: Reapply your fragrance as often as you want to. Depending on the perfume's longevity, you may need to reapply it throughout the day. Floral or citrus perfumes tend to evaporate quicker than oriental, woody or gourmand fragrances. The important thing is that you smell great, so pick a great perfume, and don't worry about spraying too much! Spritz away.

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How long does the fragrance last?
Our fragrances are designed to last 4-8 hours with proper application. For best results, apply to pulse points and moisturize your skin beforehand. Some fragrances may last longer based on their composition.

Are your fragrances cruelty-free?
Yes, all our products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Can I layer this fragrance with others?
Absolutely! Our fragrances are crafted to be layered, allowing you to create a unique scent that suits your personal style.

What is the return policy?
We offer a 14-day return policy if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Please visit our returns page for more details.

Is this fragrance available in different sizes?
All our perfumes are available in a 50ml size.

Can I travel with this perfume?
Yes, our 50ml perfumes are travel-friendly and comply with flight regulations for carry-on liquids.

How should I store my perfume?
Store your perfume in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain its quality and longevity.

Are your perfumes suitable for sensitive skin?
While our perfumes are formulated to be gentle, we recommend conducting a patch test on your skin if you have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients.

How can I maximize the longevity of the scent?
To maximize the longevity, apply the fragrance to moisturized skin, focus on pulse points, and consider reapplying throughout the day as needed.

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